Legal Support For VACPSP Members

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The VACPSP has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Brennan Law Partners.  As a result of this M.O.U. VACPSP members will have access to confidential, top class legal services.  



Brennan Law Partners founders, Tyson and Josephine, have extensive experience with educational institutions, particularly those in the Catholic education space. Their principal, Tyson Brennan, was educated in Catholic schools from Prep to Year 12 and has also worked in educational roles within Catholic schools prior to his admission as an Australian Lawyer.  The other founding member, Josephine Brennan has also worked in education roles within the Catholic education system, and possesses a particular passion for primary education. Josephine has also engaged in further studies in studying a Masters of Teaching.  Their experience and passion for strong educational outcomes has allowed them to maintain and support strong connections with leaders within the education industry.  Furthermore, their founders are both members of the Catholic Church and endeavour to uphold the Catholic ethos through the delivery of their legal services. They pride themselves on compassion and understanding for their clients as well as ensuring honesty and integrity underpin their professional and personal dealings.


Accessing Assistance through Brennan Law Partners

Brennan Law Partners can assist VACPSP members with legal advice relating to (but not limited to):

Employment Contracts and Negotiations Insurance Negligence and Duty of Care
Industrial Relations Matters Staffing Matters Organizational Operations and OHS matters
Intellectual Property Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Contracts with Service Providers

Where VACPSP members encounter an issue, transaction, situation or dispute for which they wish to seek legal guidance and assistance, the VACPSP member should:

  1. Contact the Principal of Brennan Law Partners directly, using the phone line dedicated to members of the VACPSP (0434 942 550) or by emailing the Principal directly (;
  2. Provide their appointed VACPSP membership number to Brennan Law Partners (for the purposes of checking the status of that member’s membership);
  3. Advise the Principal of Brennan Law Partners of the nature of their enquiry;
  4. Provide Brennan Law Partners with any and all documents necessary to provide the requested legal services.

Brennan Law Partners will then review the instructions and information provided and advise the VACPSP member accordingly.

Brennan Law Partners will provide legal assistance in a manner that best suits VACPSP members. VACPSP members can liaise with Brennan Law Partners for the provision of legal services through a medium of their choosing, including:

  • Face-to-face meetings at Brennan Law Partners offices;
  • On-site attendances by Brennan Law Partners staff;
  • Video conferencing;
  • Teleconferencing;
  • Email correspondence.

VACPSP members will also have access to special discounted fees for personal legal matters, as detailed in the attached fee schedule.



All legal services accessed by VACPSP members with Brennan Law Partners will remain highly confidential.

Any and all information provided to Brennan Law Partners by a VACPSP member that is not in the public domain will be held confidential. Such information will not be used or disclosed to any other party without the prior written consent of the VACPSP member.

No persons other than the member who accesses legal services from Brennan Law Partners and the lawyer(s) at Brennan Law Partners will have knowledge of the legal services sought.



The VACPSP will fund the first four (4) hours of legal assistance provided by Brennan Law Partners to VACPSP members.

Time spent providing legal assistance will be recorded in 6 minute units and will include time spent by Brennan Law Partners:

  • Taking instructions from the VACPSP member;
  • Reviewing any documents/correspondence provided by the VACPSP member;
  • For conferences or discussions between the VACPSP member and Brennan Law Partners;
  • Drafting any necessary advice, correspondence or other document;
  • Discussing the matter with the VACPSP member.

The initial phone call made by the VACPSP member and any membership checks performed by Brennan Law Partners will not be incorporated in the time spent providing legal assistance.

Any legal services provided by Brennan Law Partners beyond the initial 4 hours will be invoiced to the VACPSP member individually, or to their school, at the discretion of the VACPSP member. VACPSP members will be informed in advance should their enquiry be likely to extend past 4 hours of legal assistance. The applicable charges are detailed in the attached Fee Schedule.

Should any member wish to contact Brennan Law Partners for legal support, they may do so directly by contacting the dedicated VACPSP telephone number  0434 942 550.  Brennan Law partners will deal with you directly so that your interaction may remain confidential.