VACPSP Membership

The current membership fee is determined by the size of your school, linked to the number of children enrolled as at the 1/11 each year, payable by 31st December each year, after the annual general meeting of the VACPSP Inc. Please see the table below to determine the right fee (includes GST) you should pay.

                School Enrolment #’s as at 1/11 Fees incl GST
500+ $972.00
300-499 $829.00
100-299 $741.00
50-99 $572.00
0-49 $443.00

NOTE: fee includes ACPPA membership fee

The subscription belongs to your school and thus is payable by the school giving you membership. Should you change schools your membership would continue if that school had paid the annual subscription. However should you choose to pay the membership personally please feel free to do so.

Being a paid up member of the VACPSP will entitle you to vote at the AGM held in November each year.

Download the VACPSP membership form

VACPSP Membership Application Form 2022